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Bee Specialist

Bee Removal Specialist

Our professional bee technicians safely remove your bees to local beekeepers.

We remove bees, hives, and honeycomb from property and structures, both residential and commercial.
Bee Specialist removes wasps, too!

What They Do:

We inspect your bee problem, provide a written estimate, and remove your bees as soon as we can schedule. With the current superbloom of bees, we do charge a service call for inspection.

We warranty our work.

Discounts to seniors, public service employees, veterans & military.

Dave's Insight:

Owner Ron O’Brien,of Bee Specialist, has been in this business for 40 years. Early on he developed ways to remove bee hives using safe, organic methods before going green was in. Bees are essential to our food supply. Did you know that bees have recently been named the most important living being on our planet by scientists?

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