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DiBara Masonry

The DiBara Family has been perfecting this craft for over 100 years. As 4th generation masons, we are bringing a century of knowledge, expertise, and care to meet your needs.

We specialize in repairs, restorations, and new installations of stone, block,brick, concrete, and pavers. Our Los Angeles masonry team can also perform a comprehensive range of waterproofing and sealing services. No matter how odd or large, your project may be, DiBara Masonry can provide exactly what you are looking for. With our team, expert advice and expert service are always delivered.

What They Do:

Concrete restoration , Hardscape Driveways, Patios, Yard design and installation , Structural Concrete, Repairs and reconstruction , Foundation waterproofing , Stonework, Brickwork , Concrete retaining walls , Pavers, Walkways.

Dave's Insight:

This exceptional quality masonry services in Los Angeles.Every project is assigned a dedicated foreman who communicates progress and oversees the quality of the work on a timely schedule. I have rarely seen such dedication and attention to detail as I did from these pros.

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