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Greenview Direct

Offering innovative solutions tailored to clients’ desires, Greenview Direct is a comprehensive design and build practice specializing in residential renovation, and construction in the California area.

From the initial schematic design phase, to permit acquisition, construction, and project completion, our professional staff is involved in every step of the process. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and expertise, with impeccable attention to detail in design and execution, and to deliver high caliber architecture at competitive rates. Our commitment to integrity and professionalism has been essential to successful relations with our clients, and we continue to uphold this commitment in working with our future clients.

What They Do:

Hardscape outdoor living, Pavers and concrete, Artificial Turf, Patios and Decks, Landscape Design, Pools and Spas.

Dave's Insight:

This is a family owned business and one of the owners is Jacob. He's very personable and kind. His knowledge is extensive in the outdoor space and he's very proud to say his prices are very reasonable due to the low overhead of being a small business. He puts his stamp of approval on each project so it goes smoothly. They can preform many different categories of work.

Inquire About Cement and Hardscape Businesses

If you have any questions or inquiries about Cement and Hardscape businesses, feel free to reach out to me here. I'll be glad to assist you and get back to you promptly.

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