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Ultimate Water Creations

Since 1981, Ultimate Water Creations has transformed ordinary backyards into extraordinary outdoor retreats in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With a passion for crafting unique outdoor spaces, we specialize in designing, building, and remodeling pools and outdoor living areas that exceed your wildest expectations.

To achieve the highest-quality results we specialize in design, building and remodeling extraordinary pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces.A stunning pool with its surrounding gardens is the ultimate extension of your home and lifestyle.

What They Do:

Ultimate Water Creations design and builds amazing custom inground concrete pools, spas and complete outdoor living spaces.
Transformative Pool Remodeling Services --we specialize in transforming pools through impeccable remodeling services.

Dave's Insight:

Meet Don Goldstone, he is a leader and innovator in the Pool industry. Don has been featured in many magazines and websites and has been in the pool industry for over 50 years. He is one of my hero's as a designer that invokes artistry in all his projects. He's meticulous and you will still find him on site tweaking every detail.

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